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The Truth

Updated: May 2, 2023

You know, I write about a lot of things, like current events especially these days. I have a blog here: where I keep all of my political writings that come through and need to be expressed from time to time. One of the videos I have posted there is from Jordon Peterson.

In my opinion, Jordon Peterson is one of the greatest philosophers of our time. His teachings, writings, and lectures are about the being of humans. He keeps one grounded, and guides one to grow from there. He chooses his words very carefully, and you know he speaks truth. He is a seeker of truth. As am I. You should check him out if you have the time, as he will calm your spirit and mind if you allow yourself to immerse your soul into what he is teaching and speaking. Our world is in much need of him.

Peace Out~~

)O( DragonBlue

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