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I'm Back!

I finally got things worked out so that I could get my domain premium account back again. And I will have it as long as my card doesn't get changed out. So now I can try to finish what I started with adding audio to my poetry. And I am going to try to get more memberships for the forum. Saddest thing is 90% of the members from my old MSN Groups poetry site have passed onto the next dimension. So I will need to get out on the internet and start inviting members from other poetry sites to join me/us here.

You know, the only thing I miss about Phoenix, AZ is the Poetry reads that they have every night of the week. There are not even Poetry reads on a monthly basis here in Utah that I can find yet anyway. Their open mics are all for Music. None for just poetry.

And so it goes...

I'm off to see what damage I can cause on my multi site domain name now.

Blessed Be!

)O( DragonBlue

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