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So You Want to be a Writer?

Updated: Jan 29, 2022

I wanted to be a journalist when I was 7 til the time I turned 13, then I discovered William Shakespeare. His beautiful floriferous words were such music to my ears. It was at that time that I started to write poetry and short stories. I have since expanded into writing political articles and 3-4 books. I have been writing SEO for a couple of years now, and decided it was time to monetize my writing site. You will find many genres here in my many rooms and halls, and this latest rendition of my site, I have added audio to my illustrations and words.

This here dragon has been my muse and inspiration for many of my pages of Epic Prose in rhyming verse. Though I have written about many things, when I am inspired by my children and my muse, my writing is some of the best I have ever produced. But I will let

you decide that , in the many pages of my sites. Enjoy your wander and be sure to comment in the contact me tab about any pen you want to talk to me about.

Have a Great Day! )O( Maylynn aka: DragonBlue

What do you think? Let me

know in the comments below!

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