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A little about my many sites

Updated: Apr 18

I started this site in WIX, their free option of publishing your own website. Though I have published my poetry on several sites, the main two are and All Poetry, this is the only site that I have created the audio for each poem. I discovered after I had uploaded, illustrated and added audio to 75 of my poems, that WIX only allowed you to have 100 pages per site for the free plan. I have several hundred poems, so I created a different site for each the following categories: Poems with Trophy Wins Gold Trophies Silver Trophies Bronze Trophies Honorable Mention 1 Honorable Mention 2 All of my poetry and writing genres Poetry by Genre Other Poetry (not entered in contests or winning a trophy) Articles Books Short Stories

I may need to add another 1-2 sites to the 10 sites I already have to complete my Other Poetry category. This blog is through "My Homepage" Site and has been equipped with my upgrade and purchased domain name; The My Homepage site links to all the others through the top menu and the bottom menu for specific indexes. Or you can use the graphic words of; Articles, Books, Poetry, and Stories, linking to individual titles from each of those four categories. If you like to write poetry &/or stories yourself, there is a FORUM for your use to post your writing on. I will reply to anything you decide to post as I know that it is good for the soul to read someone's feedback on your writing. My Books and Short Stories are still under construction, so please understand their being incomplete. I hope this explains how to navigate my sites and why I have several linked to each other to give you a full scale vision of what it has taken to put this together.

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