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Maylynn Hughes

Poet - Writer


The only aspiration for my poetry; that it touches your soul as my muse has caressed mine. May my words reach you as a poet's voice brings to life a six string guitar...
and the Bards of Olde brought their clans histories into colorful, yet powerful legends of times past...

What Poetry Means to Me
Poetry is not about pretty words. Poetry is about cursing at the government and calling them down for their corrupt power. Telling untold truths, making people aware. It's about screaming for the plight of your people at the top of your lungs, and confessing your sins to everyone who will listen to, or read it...Poetry is expressing your feelings on the stupidity of war...Poetry is about Death! Seeking death, hearing death, watching a soul rise out of the body, and wishing death would come to you...



It is about the longing of your soul, the baring of your being...the sharing of your PAIN...


Poetry is standing up for what you know to be right and wrong and to champion that which you believe in. To Walk the Walk, not just Talk the Talk. To paint the 'not too pretty' picture between the lines...that you cross every time that line is drawn. Poetry is NOT just about pretty words.  Poetry is about life! As it really is--


Not as it is perceived by those who choose not to acknowledge the natural laws surrounding them.  Poetry is Beauty! Dreams!  Nightmares...and Beasts; that all have their place in the balance of polarities.  This is what poetry means to me. With that said, I bid thee farewell... May ye Walk and Live in Love and Light all of thee life! 


Here is a glimpse of mine...

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